Service to monitor website changes

Add a URL and keyword or phrase to monitor website changes. When there is no such keyword we will notify you.No installation is needed. Simple to use

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How does it work check url illustration
Add URLs you want to monitor website changes

Add keyword or phrase to monitor existence on the website check availability illustration
We will start to monitor website changes using this keyword or phrase

We will check the URL for changes every 1 or 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day. notification illustration
If a keyword or phrase was not found, we will send you a notification

We will send you a notification about a missing keyword or phrase.

Whether you are a server administrator or web developer, website owner, or business owner, you can use our automated service to monitor website changes. Don't waste your to do it manually.

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Main features

Our goal is to provide the full coverage website monitoring service and keep it simple. So every technical and non-technical website owners could be sure his website is working.

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Uptime check by response status

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Check by keyword/phrase

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Show last error in the dashboard

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Notification about response error

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Check server response time

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Check TLS certificate expiration

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Check Domain expiration date

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Check for Javascript errors

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Check for broken links